Mid-Century Modern Hillside Home In Oakland

An Architectural Triumph Over Oakland's Hills

Oakwood Residence Featured Project Home Renovation

A Brief Overview

This featured project narrates the journey of creating a Mid-Century Modern Hillside Home in Oakland. Building this home required overcoming geographical challenges and meticulous planning. This house is a testament to innovative architecture and Karen’s vision for a personalized, modern sanctuary.

Project Key Features




Project Completion Date

The Homeowner

Meet Karen

Karen’s journey to her dream home in Oakland is a story of perseverance and dedication. After facing challenges in Marin, she embarked on this ambitious project to create a modern home that mirrors her unique style and preferences. Her vision included a piano room with bay views, a light-filled office, and a fireplace that is a work of art.

The Challenge

Tackling Geographical & Construction Challenges

The steep hillside location near a creek and the Hayward Fault presented significant challenges. The design had to maximize the views while ensuring safety and stability. The construction involved intricate planning for heavy excavation machinery, integral for laying a robust foundation.

The Project Team

Devon headshot

Devon Vought

Jorge Escobedo

Jorge Escobedo

Managing Director
Dean Pilling

Dean Pilling

Project Superintendent

The 3-Phase Process

Karen's Dream Home Journey



Renderings & Materials

Karen was intimately involved in the design process, handpicking finishes and working closely with the team. Her home’s design evolved around her desire for a modern art piece, with fluidity allowing for last-minute additions like glass guardrails and a unique steel fireplace with a hidden automated TV.

Unique Materials Used:

  • Custom Steel Fireplace Surround 
  • Vertical Grain Oak Cabinets
  • Waterfall Countertop With Custom Steel Detail
  • Venetian Smooth Stucco
  • Glass Guardrails & Floating Oak Stair Treads
Oakwood Residence Home Construction Design
Oakwood Residence Home Construction Design


The Construction Journey

Karen’s active involvement and proximity to the site facilitated a smooth construction process. Regular meetings and constant communication via various channels kept the project on schedule. Karen made key decisions on finish selections.

Oakwood Residence Home Construction During And Before
Oakwood Residence Home Construction During And Before


Celebrating The New Home

The completion of Karen’s hillside home was celebrated with an intimate dinner, where she expressed her delight in the home’s details, from the custom tile work to the breathtaking bay views from her deck.

Oakwood Mid-Century Modern Home Build Deck And Light Fixtures
Oakwood Mid-Century Modern Home Build Interior Light Fixture

The Solution

Oakwood Mid-Century Modern Home Build Exterior

Creating A Modern Oasis Amidst Oakland's Landscape

Karen’s dream home, nestled in Oakland’s hills, is a marvel of modern architecture and personal style. The Mid-Century Modern Hillside Home, shaped by geographical constraints and Karen’s distinct vision, is a beacon of innovation and bespoke design. 

Its unique features, such as the custom steel fireplace with a hidden TV and the elegant glass guardrails, are more than just elements of luxury; they represent Karen’s journey and the meticulous craftsmanship of Vought Construction. This home is not only a personal retreat for Karen but also a testament to the possibilities of modern architecture in challenging landscapes.

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