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Elevate Your Berkeley Home With A Versatile ADU

Imagine the possibilities that a beautifully crafted ADU (accessory dwelling unit) brings to your Berkeley or Bay Area property. Whether it’s creating a cozy retreat for guests, a comfortable living space for family members, or an additional source of income through rental, design your ADU to enrich your life. 

Your ADU will be a blend of style, efficiency, and comfort, tailored to meet your family’s unique needs and lifestyle. You’re not just about adding space; you’re enhancing how you live and interact with your home.

Popular Upgrades For Your ADU In Berkeley

Custom Doors

Welcome elegance and style into your ADU with custom doors tailored to enhance aesthetics and functionality. Make every entrance a statement.

Luxury Tile

Indulge in the sophistication of luxury tiles. Transform your ADU's floors and walls into an artful display of elegance and durability.

Premium Windows & Skylights

Brighten up your Berkeley ADU with premium windows and skylights, infusing natural light and the feeling of spaciousness.


Create a cozy and inviting ambiance in your ADU with an elegant fireplace. Enjoy relaxing evenings and warm up your living space.

High-End Fixtures

Incorporate high-end fixtures into your ADU to add a touch of luxury and refinement.

Premium Countertops

Elevate your kitchen and bathroom with durable and modern countertops.

ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) Ventilation System

Ensure fresh, clean air in your ADU with an ERV system, which efficiently recycles energy while ventilating your space for optimal air quality.

Spray Foam And Increased Insulation

Optimize your ADU's energy efficiency, ensuring a comfortable living environment while reducing energy costs.

Radiant Floors

Step into comfort with radiant floor heating, offering an efficient and evenly distributed warmth throughout your ADU.

Heat Pumps

Enjoy a modern, energy-efficient heating and cooling solution with a heat pump. Provide year-round comfort in your ADU while keeping energy bills low.

Expand Your Possibilities: ADU Building In Berkeley

Building an ADU is an opportunity to expand your living space and elevate your lifestyle. High-end fixtures, radiant floors, and ERV systems are just a few upgrades that transform these spaces into modern, energy-efficient havens. 

Whether you’re looking for a home office, a rental unit, or a luxurious guest house, our ADUs provide maximum comfort and functionality. Let us help you unlock your property’s full potential with an ADU that perfectly complements your Berkeley home.

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Our meticulous attention to detail is evident in every project. From intricate cabinetry to the overall structural integrity, we ensure each aspect of your home is nothing short of perfection.

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At Vought Construction, your vision is our blueprint. We prioritize your needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless experience from conception to completion.

Professionalism & Reputation

Our professionalism is the foundation of your peace of mind. Renowned in Berkeley and throughout the Bay Area for our reliability and organization, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ADU Building In Berkeley

How much does building an ADU in Berkeley and the surrounding Bay Area cost?

Building an ADU in Berkeley and throughout the Bay Area can cost between $600 to $1200 per square foot. The base pricing includes elements like basic pre-fab cabinets, pre-finished Oak flooring, a shingle roof, a stucco exterior, quartz countertops, basic Thermador appliances, a furnace-only forced air system, and Anderson 100 windows. 

Your cost will be impacted by the quality of the materials and additional features you choose. Each ADU is crafted with quality and value in mind, ensuring a beautiful, functional space that enhances your property.

The timeline for building an ADU in California includes a permitting phase of 1 to 4 months and a construction phase of 4 to 8 months. 

We navigate the permitting process efficiently and manage construction with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a timely and high-quality completion of your ADU.

Yes, we offer the option to build prefab ADUs. Prefab units can be a great solution for homeowners looking for a quicker and more cost-effective way to add an ADU to their property without compromising on quality and design.

Building an ADU in the Bay Area is subject to specific zoning regulations and requirements. It’s essential to understand these local guidelines, which can include restrictions on the size and height of the unit, its placement on your property, and parking provisions. 

At Vought Construction, we navigate these regulations expertly, ensuring your ADU meets your needs and complies fully with Berkeley’s zoning laws. We can assist in obtaining the necessary permits and guide you through the process for a hassle-free ADU project.

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